Spoonful of sugar.


Late night illustrating.
Attempting Alexa Chung Vogue cover June '10 by Jaymie O'Callaghan

I can't believe Mark Sailing and Cory Monteith (Puck and Finn) from Glee was in
Croydon yesterday! Mark tweeted this of them in Llyods park. Of all places for them to visit. It would have been so mental to see them as I work in Croydon but annoying wasn't working yesterday or go into town. It both excites and saddens me. I would have had such a fan girl moment if I happened to have seen them. First Batman films in West Croydon then Glee come to town! Croydon clearly is quite the hub of activity...

Pay day yesterday and the first thing I did was transfer the remaining £195 to finish paying for Kenya. So I have officially finished paying that bad boy off! Counting down the days...  I also paid a visit to the printers and got a copy made of my Liz Taylor and Twiggy piece onto cartridge paper and they have a really nice organic quality to them. It's possible for me to get any of my illustrations or paintings printed as I have been asked before so just ask away if there's a piece you want.

Today was such a long busy day at work, Very short staffed so was here, there and everywhere. I was so glad to be out of there today. It never feels like a Saturday to me when I've been at work (which haven't for a saturday in ages!) I'm looking forward to a chilled, cheer ourselves up night with my sister surrounded by loads of cushions in my bedroom with a bounty of snackage and films (Romy and Michele!) Just what the doctor ordered. Hope you all have a lovely evening!

P.S  I would still really appreciate your help with some blog related input loves. Please comment with some ideas or whatever really, thanks!

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Robots in Trouble said...

wahh?! so you could've met them?

-robots in trouble

kia said...

those illustrations are amazing!! I'm thinking of making a 'tag' post soon & i'll tag you in it :) x

cassiepeia said...

That Alexa Chung illustration is seriously outstanding.
Enjoy your relaxing evening.

What sort of input were you wanting re. your blog? Personally, I think it's great, I only stumbled across it a couple of days ago so I've enjoyed trawling over the old posts and what I love is that there's a balance of different themes- your personal illustrations and photos, plus fasiony pictures you've sourced. I think the illustration are my favourite thing, just because I haven't come across many bloggers who can do that kinda thing as well as you.

Gosh, didn't mean that to turn into an essay sorry!

Pink Penguin (Elyse) said...

Ohhh I love coming here and seeing your illustrations! I like being creative and working with my hands but one thing I am HOPELESS at is illustrating/drawing, especially people. Your works are gorgeous x

Lindy-lou said...

You're the roda! Haha :) xxx

discotheque confusion said...

Man, I can't believe I have never seen Romy and Michelle. I feel like it's everyone's 'switch off and chill out' go-to choice!

your illustrations are fantastic, but the way.

Bethany Heron said...

Wow your illustrations are amazing- loving your blog :) x

Jaymie said...

- I know right, I could have actually bumped into them! I was on the tram this morning and saw the stop for llyods park and was like ah!

-aw thank-you kia :)

-No thats great cassipea, I appreciate that :) Thanks for the lovely words, I pretty much want to know what people want to see and if they liked what I already do etc, because bloggings kind of speculative.

-deffo watch romy and michele! it's SO funny!

loveeee xxxxx


wow! i love the alexa drawing!
you use the paint in such a subtile way. i wish i could draw like that! kudos(: