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Surbiton farmers market, jams, cupcake stands, quaint pubs, cake pops, home made lemonade, visting the grams, tea breaks, sweat zine post, addiction to mike n ikes grows stronger.This weeks also consited of talking about traveling, driving around america, making necklaces and rings, getting glue everywhere, drawing, working, water aerobics, zumba, eating, sleeping and getting my hair cut.

This weekends been a quiet and cheap one because next weekends going to be busy and not as cheap as me and the girls who are going to USA next year are going to London on Saturday to book it all (EXCITED!) getting Wah nails done, going for dinner then Sunday I'm going up to Three Bridges to meet my friend Sally to go get ready together for The Marie Antoinette party then stay over hers the night after the party then Monday leave as early as possible to get to the hairdressers for 11.45 to get the pastel shades running through the random sections in my hair! I'm looking forward to it, but busy busy.

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