Poncho style cardigan – Primark
Morrisey top – Ebay
Skirt – H&M
Belt - Charity shop
Necklaces – Vintage, By Jaymie and Ebay
Sunglasses - Girlprops
Espadrilles - Tesco

I bought this skirt from H&M last week. I love their cheap range of summer skirts they have in store at the moment it was only £6.99 for this lovely bright number. I also bought a lovely white and navy skirt that has pockets (I love my clothes to have pockets!) which was also only £7.99 and will be perfect for this boat party I’m going to in two weeks time  a koko buttoned down disco and is nautical themed, lavly! Plenty of dressing up for me right now. I love this over sized oatmeal coloured poncho cardigan which is so cosy and completely perfect for snuggling up in on chilly summer evenings spent at BBQs or in pub gardens. The mother of pearl tooth necklace is available to buy on my Etsy shop and I have four available. I know I don't look like I have any lips but I am actually wearing a nude lipgloss by Benefit (life on the A list shade) which is actually lovely especially over another lip colour and smells divine makes you just want to lick it all off, but it photographed very strangely here probably because my lovely Mother took the photos... haha bless her. I still have such an awkward gnarl face, ohwell.

I'm getting my hair cut this morning. I'm only going for a trim and some layers. I took your comments on board about saying that I should continue to grow my hair and I am determined to have some will power, so I'm doing it! I'm also going to have a chat to the stylist as well about the possibility of the
pastel colours running
through the ends and see what she thinks.

I have a few items to sell at the moment that I'm thinking of posting on here instead of putting on Ebay and first come basis by emailing me, I have a gorgeous lace peter pan topshop dress that I wore once but doesn’t fit quite right and it's such a shame to have such a pretty dress stuck in my wardrobe. Do you think I should do a post with some items for sale?

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Daria Hlazatova said...

love your look and morrissey t-shirt looks great! I really need to change my look now it's almost summer :)


Molly Xxx said...

Ooooh, i love Morrisey! Cant believe that tshirt's from Primark as theres one just like it in Camden-brilliant! Lovely outfit + i hope you have fun at all your parties you have coming up, haha:') Xxx

Tegan said...

no wayyyy is that from Primark!? I feel like Morrissey is being exploited! Though it is very cool, he is such a legend - pretty skirt too :) xo

Jaymie said...

No love bums! It's from eBay, I would despise it if primark did it haha. Because of the 13 yr olds who would buy it and be all 'yah I'm so indie... who's morrisey' xxxx

ohyouprettythings said...

i love this outfit!! :] You are gorgeous! :]

Tonya said...

Gorgeous miss! I tried to email back..but my email wouldn't let me for some reason. If you know of a place that could print your stargazer design on it let me know! Love your skirt too by the way!

This Charming Style said...

Ohhh i adore this, especially for the morrisey top! Also gorgeous skirt, i think i may have it in blue and white! x

Michaela said...

I love your skirt!! :-)

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xoxo Michaela