London Town, Titanic Exhibition, Harrods, Laduree, Macaroons,  SNOG yog, Chinese box! Zumba, Fluffy Egg bath bomb, Easter Cupcake, Saw Roomate and Red Riding Hood at the Cinema.

I've been reading 'The Last Song' by Nicholas Sparks this week. The Notebook is one of my favourite films (Noah and Ally foreverrrrr) which is also a Sparks novel, I actually like the film a lot more then the book... contriversal along with A Walk To Remember (not read the book) they basically all make me blub. I've not seen the film adaptation of The Last Song but I don't think I want to either, just because I'm not a Miley Cyrus fan... I do kind of want to see how she portrays the character Ronnie from the book though, Hmm can I bare watching a whole film with her in it though?  Probs not. I want to read Water For Elephants when I'm finished with it, hopefully just in time to read it before the film comes out! It looks realllllllly really good.

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Tegan said...

thanks for your comment! :) your blog is lovely, and you live in Surrey - SNAP! xo

Paper Heart Girl said...

Ahh, I want to visit the titanic exhibition! Your Saturday sounds funn!! xxxx

Sophie Isobel said...

That cupcakee, yummmm! I want to see Little Red Riding Hood.

Michaela said...

Mmmh the cupcake looks yummy!!

xoxo Michaela

Tonya said...

Ahhh you did end up going to the exhibit?! How cool! I bet it was amazing. :)

Jaymie said...

Yeah the exhibition was really cool, sad and touching all the same. Couldn't take any snaps unfort but understandable.

Seriosly can imagine Shiloh being a bit of a JDepp figure he is fit as haha.


Nicole said...

nicholas sparks is my favourite writer ever, im on a mission to read every one of his books. i think every single book up to now has made me cry. the last song film isnt so bad, it makes me crrrrry.
im reading water for elephants now, half way through and i cant put it down xxxx