Lazing on a sunny afternoon.


All images via tumblr.

How nice was the sun this weekend my British friends? I had a really good weekend, well middle of it. My weekend didn't go exactly to plan, everything in the middle was great (sun, boat trip, harbours, cupcakes, coconut frappes, screwballs, face masks, nice weather, vintage shops) But the beginning and end was a little bit traumatic, annoyingggg. Basically on the coach down the driver knocked into something so the bumper came loose, After half an hour driving around London he decided that he needed to go back to the depot to get fixed. Which resulted in an hour delay. When we got to the B&B we had booked into (yes booked.  Had confirmation, paid deposit etc) they had overbooked and had no room for us, plus after us obviously being angry and trying to get to the bottom of the issue, the managers were'nt actually there so we had to talk to them on the phone and they were really rude on the phone and saying it wasn't there problem. Only the cleaners were there and were really fantastic at trying to sort it all out. Trip advisor can expect to be getting some bad reviews on that B&B very soon that's for sure! We managed to get a room for three people at another place after a lot of twoing and throwing, stress and wanting to go home (glad we decided to stay!) because after a nap and rest in our room that we checked in to we had a lot of girly fun for two days we decided not to go to a spa in the end just because we could foresee something being off with it, so instead were going to go to a bath one which is meant to be fantastic in a couple of weeks time. Then last night on the train home we got stuck on it for an hour because trespassers were on the line and we got submerged into darkness for a while, so by the time got home we were so knackered and completely ready for bed.

I was meant to go into work today but woke up with head cold feeling and don't think the whole delayed train fiasco and the thought of being on my feet all day... yikes. So I'm going to relax and recoup in the sun in the garden today and do some commission work that I've got on right now. Try get things in order so I feel a bit better about the whole situation and not like everything is on top of me. How was your weekend? Get up to much?

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Holly said...

Wooow! Sounds like a fantastic but busy weekend. Well, anythings great compared to revision haha. But agree with the hate on rude people and train delays haha!

Victoria said...

That sounds like an incredibly stressful start! But at least you had fun in the end :) xx

Rachelous said...

Sounds pretty eventful, glad you had a nice time in the end though! The weather was so lovely on Sunday. Lovely pics too :) x

Haute-fly said...

Great shots as always.

Awh forgot about screwballs, the taste of summer.

Emma C-M said...

i used one of your images in my latest post. was referencing your blog just to let you. take a look if you wish.

E x

Jaymie said...

Thanks guys!
Yeah was eventful and lovely all the same in the end (well middle haha)

Zoe said...

I'm so sorry things were so frantic for you! The hotel thing is so annoying... I can't believe a hotel would not be anything but apologetic if they had made a mistake! Things will run more smoothly in the future. I think karma makes up for the bad times!

Thank you for your message! I am very very excited for my picture. I have my eye on a cute frame for it. May ask you to do two as gifts for friends 21st if I can get a good deal :p lol

My weekend was pretty boring, I am at my Mum's for easter but I went back to York for the weekend to use the library and work on essays which are driving me made. Would much rather be going on lovely trips instead xx

Dancing Branflake said...

Wow! I can't believe they overbooked you! I am glad it turned out okay but how frustrating. A trip with the girls sounds so refreshing.

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Such pretty photos, love the flowery house one :D
Your weekend sounded lovely in the end!

Paper Heart Girl said...

I love your selection of images! xxxxx