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Barbour style jacket - Primark
Dress worn under jumper - carboot sale
Jumper - Forever 21
Necklace - By Jaymie and vintage
Brogue Shoes - Primark
Bag - Charity Shop

I bought these shoes Monday evening and they are so comfortable and I love the cut out detailing on the brogues, perfect with little socks and bare legs this summer. They only cost £12 aswell, so even better! I bought this jacket last year and didn't really get a chance to wear it all that much because it suddenly got a lot colder after I came back from Turkey so thin jackets were out of the question, even though it was a nice day yesterday it was pretty chilly, I could have done with a scarf tbh.

Yesterday I went up to London with the Mother as we had both wanted to see the Titanic exhibition for months and hadn't managed to do so. It was really fascinating, beautiful and touching. It really made me invision what it must have been like for them and think about all those poor passengers who must have been so frightened. You even get your own boarding pass which is a replica of the ones they would have received and has information of real passengers who set aboard the Titanic, then at the end you can search for them on the wall to see what happened whether they got lost or survived.

Frozen Yogurt with Jumbo Biscuit!

Herrow Harrods Bear
(side ways peace sign... oh hands)

Even though I've live in London (well Surrey but half an hour on a train from town) I've only been to Harrods once to look at the make-up so when in Knightsbridge to go to Laduree. I've wanted to get some macaroons in a pretty decorated box for quite sometime. We decided to go and have a proper look around and had a lot of immature fun doing so. I also got a little present to go with my Sisters birthday present from the Harrods gift shop, I wont say what it is incase she reads this! 

In other boring news I've been put on anti-biotics again. Good old amoxiciilin, My persisitant bladddy cough is still hanging about and it's now a slight chest infection. Joy.

Oh and if Sally's reading this, Miss you millions too poppet!

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Elli said...

Lovelovelove your jacket, primark's been on form recently! Harrods is brilliant, I love the door men they're always so happy!
Ellie xxxxx

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Maria said...

I love this outfit, the layering is perfect until it warms up a bit!

Maria xxx

Teresa said...

I saw your drawings on Vicky's blog and I thing they are amazing!

I adore the jewellery you are wearing and the skirt is lovely!


PS: The bear is adorable (I've got a thing for bears)

Carolina said...

i LOve your awesome to see people who make their own creations ^.^ o00oo0h I'm hosting a pretty rad giveaway, a BIKINI! perfect for spring/summer! check it out!they are one of a kin, made by an up'n coming Mexican designer! xo

head over heels said...

love your outfit - perfect layering and the necklaces are adorable :) and i love a good browse through harrods even if i can't afford to buy anything! x

kirstyb said...

love your outfit looks like youve been having fun xxxxx

Zoe said...

I haven't ever been to Harrods before which I find strange when I have been to London so many times xx

Miranda said...

Love this look! Ur shoes and jewelry are especially amazing :)