mummy, I made macarons.


So as mentioned in my post earlier I made macarons from the book  i ♥ macarons.
This was the prettiest, most perfect macaron out of the lot, for a first attempt I would say didn't do to shabby, was a bit tricky though but reckon now made them once next time it'll be a little easier. Probaly made 4 quite nice looking ones out of about twelve they all tasted nice though I heard on the grapevine and from own opinion to ofcoarse...

The recipe itself is far to long and confusing to write all of it down but if you really want to make some I definitely recomend buying the book (especially if you love them as much as me!) it has a lot of pretty pictures of the little lovelies but alternatively I can scan the recipe and send it to you in an email, just leave a comment with your email address and I'll try do asap.

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Morellocherry said...

hey you did great! none of mine turned out great, they were all wrinkled !! (gross!).

I told myself id make them again sometime, but i still havent. i think its becasue they get eaten too quick, which isnt a bad thing i suppose :P

Trees said...

This is so fabulous! I've heard they are difficult to make so well done:D

La Clare said...

I nowhave such a craving to make macaroons on this grey Sunday evening! Any chance you could email the recipe?

Jaymie said...

I've emailed you the recipe hun :)