ballet shoes


1.So it was valentines yesterday anyone get up to anything nice? Whether loved up or not? I made some Macaroons they were pretty difficult to make there is a proper science to them. I now see why they're so expensive, the amount of effort and the quality of ingredients that go in to them, hats of to the patisserie. I also had a deep bubble bath, did my hair, face mask and painted my nails (lilac if you wondered) pure pamper fest, watched Serendipity, drew pretty ballerinas and shoes, I bought from a charity shop a 50p illustrated story about Edgar Degas who I love, it features lots of ballet beauties.

2. Continuing with the ballet theme last Monday I bought the most beautiful little ballet shoes from Topshop after someone from work showed me them. They are like the real deal except for having a proper sole to them. I love the pale pink antique colouring, silky feel and the ties that can be wrapped around several times and bowed at the back. I'm going to have to wait for it to get slightly warmer because it will be like wearing nothing on the feet, I can't wait to wear them though!

3.I'm still after an amazing pair of cat eye sunglasses, preferably vintage. Ebay? Brick lane? New York? I don't know where to try and get some from, last year I found it very difficult. I love the feline look.

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mj said...

pamper town seems nice. i think i will also do some of that in the next couple of days. what recipe did you use for the macaroons.

Maria Karolina said...

Those point shoes are amazing. I have been trying to find directions to make these for a doll myself. You are inspirational.

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