Illustration Friday

1. 'Resoloution' drawing for Illustration Friday, which is an awesome online art community which presents a different topic each week. I was just sitting on my bean bag with sketchpad and pencil in tow and I caught my reflection in the mirror opposite and thought about the year ahead and my main aspirations and things to come, so I thought Hey Ho let's go. Check out my snazzy jim jims... conisiting of polka dot trews, zebra cardigan, old 'make love not war' tee and a bow in the hair, oh yes the very best sleep couture of coarse.

2. After receiving an email from the Sketchbook Project reminding me that I still needed to fill in my artist bio so that it can be slipped into my sketchbook (so shit at doing things like this it's unreal) I thought I would look at my ‘about’ page on this very blog, and whilst reading through it this made me think even more, it is so strange (going back to resoloutions and reflecting on last year) that I mentioned how I aspired to illustrate a childrens book (doing so!) about getting a tattoo on a trip to America with my friend before we booked NYC. And now I can actually say I am an Illustrator not just an aspiring one pretty much down to all you guys for actually liking my work haha so thank-you poppets!

3. I've been drawing wolves today on my lunch break, started on the wii fit, went to zumba this evening, so all in all so far I'm not doing to bad on my ole 2011 ressos! How are all yours going if you made any?

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Courtney K. said...

Wonderful! I don't really have any specifics, but I am beginning to read nightly, it sort of developed on its own! Anything from fashion magazines, to cheesy novels, to meaningful works. I wish you the best of luck!

Oh, My Darling said...

Your resolution illustration is fantastic, of course!!!