auld lang syne


A day late but still start of a New Year, New decade and as always hopefully a brand New Me! I as always have all the best intentions and resolutions. Things have started to get a bit repetitive and I want to break out of it and feel more spontaneous and free as much as I am feeling that today and a bit drab... I still think, feel and I am going to make it happen, 2011 is going to be a good one (Positivity is key, mhm) I have a lot of great things planned so I want to try and live it up as much as possible.I want to be happy and healthy (get fit- zumba, wii fit plus, cardio, toning, eat better) hello food diary, experience and try more new things, trips and travels (already have New York to come in Feb and Saving for Kenya in September!) I want to do bigger and better things in the way of my Illustrations and be able to expand upon and go further with what I have already in the past few months. Without being to gushy I'm overwhelmed to where I have got to, when I think, I left Uni and was totally lost. The only thing I knew was that it was drawing that was my main passion. I started blogging for a creative outlet with nothing specific in mind. Then once I finally joined the Twitter revolution and I started getting in contact with some of the Amelia's Magazine (which is the main way to advertise yourself to them and find out about opportunities first, So I 100% doing so if you have an interest in doing so) I got some illustrations printed on their site for different articles, one being that of an Eco, an illustration of the band The 10 O'Clock Horses which they loved so much that they got in contact with me and they wanted to use it for their CD and any promotion work (they're album is banging, really folksy and indie) 'The Love Illustrated' series with Melissa for Oh, My Darling which got some of my illustrations out their to a wider audience. I was overwhelmed by the amount of kind words, emails and comments that I got through doing these illustrations, I have also done lovely commissioned pieces for even lovelier customers, I'm hoping 2011 will bring me more of these types of jobs, because I love the thought of creating unique pieces for individuals and them receiving something they love just as much. I did and interview for someones university project and by chance I got the opportunity to do some illustrations for a Children's bedtime story book, that's going to be published (Still working on these, so continuing into the new year) which I Can't wait to be able to share all these drawings with you! Not to mention any contributions I've also done for zines or websites... Thank-you all! And of coarse any of you regular commenter's, readers or anyone who has just ever liked a piece of me work I appreciate each and everyone :)

I've really fine tuned my drawing aesthetic and style this year and I hope to continue, grow and get better in 2011. This year is going to be the year! Who is with me?

If you read all that word heavy blog post, you are officially am-maaa-aaaz-ing!

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minnja said...

Beautiful :))))))


Kelly said...

Good luck with your goals : )

HippySal said...


Amy Mcmillan said...

Love your blog!
I'm now following, hope you can do the same :)