I heart productive days.

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I am feeling a whole lot beter then I have done the past couple of days and I've had such a productive day that I feel really energised and slightly more positive about things, so feeling pretty happy which is always good. Spent the day painting hearts, kittys, making necklaces, valentines day inspired illustrations and I've finished two commisioned pieces. Become a little obsessed with shrinkie plastic and making different pendants from illustrations I have created, I saw Ella Masters creations on her blog and love them so much and totally inspired me. (I'm planning on buying the little lottie jumper one- cute as a button!)

Mitzy the lazy kitty.

Some necklaces from a series of illustrations these little 'Say it like it is, Kittys' have demure little faces, characters all of there own, each with a statement such as 'I'm lazy' 'meow' 'I'm spoilt' and my personal fave 'I can lick my arse' harrrr.

Victor the blunt kitty.

I need to have a complete Etsy revamp and customise because I want to be able to sell all these kind of items on there in my shop! But until I put them on my shop if anyone does want one ;) just lemme no. I've been looking for ages for a 'jadore' necklace so you guessed it...

Another recent obsession from the past couple of months is Fifi Lapin so naturally I had to make some little pendants, little chanel t-shirt fifi bracelet, fifi cupcake outfit bracelet and my favourite fifi necklace! These are avalible to buy the bracelets are on elastic and are £4, the necklace is on a silver look 18 inch chain and is £7. Oh Fifi!

Kitty Necklaces - £6.50
Jadore Necklace - £5.00

The say it like it is kittys.

I was thinking of having some of these illustration printed up into cards or postcards? Or maybe little prints of a set of 3 or something. Hmm I don't know! Would you buy?

Right it's time for me to go have a deep bubble bath filled with Lush Snow Fairy then chill the feck out and watch P.S I love you... aaw.

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Natalie Suarez said...

these are so so adorable! i love them! :)