Commissioned Illustration for Monica ♥

Seriously knacked! long work hours/ lack of sleep/ festivities. Cannot wait for a nice little lie in on Christmas morning, followed by croissants, scramble egg, bucks fizz and presentsssss. How are you going to be spending Christmas? I love hearing about other peoples traditions and what they get up to! We usually have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve since I was very little (we have it on Christmas day aswell) but this year I think because things are a bit different were going to be having Chinese take out on Christmas eve as I'm working and my mum and sister want to visit my Grandma then just have it for Christmas lunch instead. Going to be playing some serious Wii as well as finally got a 2nd remote and charging dock (nerd.)

Been working lots on my sketchbook project and I can say I am finally done done with it. WEEEEY. If you're interested I may post some extracts of it before I send it off! Check out my sketchbook project profile for the Brooklyn library here.

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Dancing Branflake said...

Lovely! I am so gad to see you are getting a bit of a break. Merry Christmas!

Doremy Diatta said...

cute! keep the sketchbook going, thats great!

come by sometime,
The Ballon Rouge

Daria Hlazatova said...

so lovely!

Vegetarian Girl said...

Wow! This is so beautiful! Do you do many personalised illustrations?xx