Wouldn't it be nice.

Daisy Kate over at Fashion Stereotype has featured me on her blog in a dedicated post, you will also find a little bit of an interview there aswell. We will also be working together soon! I've been commisioned to create an illustration as a blog give-away prize, exciiiiiting.

I plan to get a post sorted about the illustrated shopper bags that I want to sell on Etsy I have one all drawn up and would love to know what you think and have your input. They will literally all be hand illustrated so will that means they will be one offs, boo yeah! The fabric pens are so much fun and with a swift iron action on top they become fixed so no nasty running! Would anyone be interested in prints of the Blair Waldorf variety, let's say a Gossip Girl type series? I could do Serena and Jenny as well I would probably only do about 5 of each so  they would be a limited edition series and I could maybe do a pack of all three together, if theres interest? I'm brain-storming blogging here,sorry! I Also intend on getting my blog sale up and running by end of today or tomorrow. Make sure to check it out if you're interested in Barry M, an Accesorize bow trilby, Vintage shoes and much more! I'm also having a bit of a clear out of my work and have some illustrations that I want to sell the originals of, I'm not sure whether to do this over my blog sale or etsy or whatttt.

I'm currently working on my Gabby Young and Other Animals poster. I received an email Monday morning stating the imminent release of the album and that Gabby loved so many of the pitches that she wants to create a tiled illustration for the inside of the album artwork, so I sent of my release contract now just need to get it finished. I've got the concept all on paper, just filling out the main colour blocks at the moment. I work a lot in different stages and usually revert back to past ones over and over! I think I've pretty much got you up to date with what's happening in my life right now, I hope you'll all having a marvelous week!
I need/ want more commissions so here's some shameless self promotion for you, I love working for other people so if you fancy that at all don't hesitate to email me jaymie89(@)live.co.uk to shoot the shit (love that expression) about ideas, rates etc.

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Anonymous said...

Everything going on in your creative life sounds so interesting. I love creative brainstorming and am finding the more of this creative process I share with my readers the more success I have.

Now following you dear. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

Debora said...

Hello :)
thank you for your lovely comment in my TokyoBlondes, I really appreciated it ! :)
I'm pleased you loved my camel coat and my outfit.

nice blog, I really like it.
Good job girl :)


Amber Blue Bird said...

Congrats on all your projects!

G said...

i would love a gossip girl themed bag! just started following your blog, your pictures are so pretty!