Get Cape, Wear Cape.

Another of my A/W wardrobe must haves, like so many others is the elusive cape that has been plastered all over the September issues. Here are some of my personal picks...

1. Asos £70
2. Zara £80
3. Zara £99
4. Primark £25
5. Primark£15
7. UO £325 

I'm really feeling khaki green, tan or a deep chocolate brown colour. The khaki green cape pictured 1st from ASOS is pretty near to perfect for me, I would style it with a pair of deep blue indigo skinnies  (khaki and blue ♥) a cream sweater, abundance of rings and a spyglass necklace just to really portray that certain Sherlock Holmes genasaqua (Yeah I had to google how to spell that...) I am still loving Primarks military inspired cape a steal at £25, I still haven't actually seen it in store yet but then I haven't been in Primark for a while. The Urban Outfitters cape is just ridiculously astonishingly overpriced but I had already copied and pasted before I saw the price. I'm sure there's a cheapy cheap version of it in tesco ;)

I have officially hit 100 followers today, thank you everyone that subscribes or follows and takes the time to read and comment. I love checking out all your blogs and finding some right gems to bookmark. I also love that I recognise the names that frequently comment, you are all too sweet!


Edit: Fortnightly feature on UNTRIEDmagazine my first feature is now up and can be found here.
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Tanja said...

the capes look great! I remember my mom had a cape like that....

Jaymie said...

ohhh like the khaki one? I wish my mum had one that I could steal haha that reminds me my Grandma has a box bag which I keep hinting for her to maybe give me but it isn't working :(

Thrive on Novelty said...

ohh I really want a cape now! xx

Katie said...

The green cape would look so great this fall! And congrats on the 100 followers!

head over heels said...

i'm still keeping my eye out for the primark one as i'll be snapping it up as soon as its in store!
I would quite like a tan one though, i've seen a H&M tan cape on a few blogs actually.
Oh, congrats on the followers! you deserve it for a fab blog :)

Naughty Baubles said...

First off congrats on reaching 100 followers (currently 101)!!!!

As for the capes....I'm head over heels for the ASOS one. And yes..right now there is something about a nice moody khaki green that just makes a piece really pop.


NaughtyBaubles on Etsy

Jess said...

hi dear, thanks for the comment. :)
your blog is so lovely!

Jess from Taiwan.

rebecca said...

i like the blue primark and urban outfitters ones best (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaymie,

I just found your blog via IFB and am having a wonderful time reading it.

Congratulations on your feature and your reading 100 followers. I know how that must feel.

I'd love to stay in touch with you and maybe even make a new friend. I was just wondering how would you feel about following my blog via google friend connect or bloglovin. I'd be sure to return the favour.

Love from Toronto, Canada

Tanja said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyy! I found a black vintage cape today! For just 15 euro!!! And it's gorgeous. Hope it will be getting cold here soon....