by the river

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I love to make the most of the weekend and I guess just generally my days. I have a complex of feeling like I'm wasting my time if I'm not busy I know it's important to sometimes just 'be' and recharge but it  tends to make me feel anxious if I don't feel productive or like I've made the most my day. There is just so many wonderful places and fun to participate in or if I'm 'relaxing' I could be working, drawing, researching or learning instead...although saying that I am a keen partaker in an afternoon nap (damn you chronic fatigue!)

Fridays are my main day off from work. I love it, if I want to spend the day in town then it is usually a hell of a lot quieter then it is at the weekend. The only downside is that Matt is at work and most my friends also work Monday-Friday. Luckily because Ella works freelance if we can both manage to sync our diaries then it is usually a good day for us to have a catch up, it can also sometimes be ideal  just to spend it with me, myself and I.

After my day off I then work til 2pm on Saturday and have the whole of Sunday off,  as you can see my weekend is a little broken up. Before work on Saturday Matt and I like to try do an early morning gym session together and once 2pm hits we want to make the most of the rest of the day and weekend together. We will usually drive somewhere picturesque (weather permitting) or we will head into town, if we've had a bit of a hectic week and fancy some down time Matt loves to cook and we will tackle some of the recipes on our ever growing to do list and I like to bake up different treats.

Last Saturday we went to Richmond which is a beautiful borough of London and Surrey situated by the river. It's somewhere I've not really explored that much of surprisingly so as my Grandma use to live in Surbiton and we use to visit Hampton Court quite a lot as a child and surrounding areas. It's a beautiful part of the country and a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, it definitely feels a lot more Surrey then London to me. 

We spent some time sitting by the river and feeling the ripples of breeze wash over us as we cooed over the cutest pups. After a short walk we found the very photogenic Holly Hock coffee shop, we got our coffees to go before driving into Richmond Park which is probably one of the very best places to spot Deer as they come up so close and aren't really phased by people or cars at all.

We decided to take some time to lay on our blanket and enjoy the sun whilst eating our very basic make shift picnic of fruit and pop chips in the park before seeking out the Isabella Plantation. A gated woodland garden which is open throughout the year,  I believe is open until 7pm on most Saturdays and the best part it's free to enter which definitely warrants another visit. It's just started to bloom with colour and I'm sure there is much more to see then we managed as my feet were really starting to hurt again from a busy day previously and the 27,000 steps I took in that sweltering heat. We finished our Saturday night in the best way with some chilled pink champagne and a take-out pizza party.

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