for one night only

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At the weekend my gorgeous pal Ella and I had a little mini stay at the Artist Residence in Brighton. On average Matt and I probably visit Brighton about 3 times a month, only being 45 minutes away by car. We will sometimes head down for a bite to eat after work or on a Sunday when we are at a loss for what to do with our day. Brighton is hands down one of my favorite places to be, it's vibrant, fun and complete vegan heaven.

After finding a blinding deal on for a one night stay, Ella and I met on Sunday in Brighton for our stay at AR, we relaxed in our little (and oh so cute) bunk house room, which is situated in the basement of the hotel, it felt like stepping on board a ship, I kept picturing a 1940s style titanic cabin (complete with two sets of bunk beds) we were greeted with a stocked cupboard of caramel bars, water bottles and nespresso pods. We drank coffee and had a little Sunday snooze before heading out again for some dinner at La Choza the very cool and very pink Mexican restaurant situated just at the corner of the Lanes. We moved on to have a little drink and a long natter before grabbing some dessert at the all plant based babe that is Purezza in the form of an Oreo Pizza!! yes that's right an Oreo Pizza, with homemade Nutella type spread and Mascarpone style cheese topping (click here to see) we managed two slices before taking the rest home in a take-away box back to our room, where we proceeded to drink mint tea, eat the Oreos, watch Family Guy with face-masks, the ideal slumber girly evening.

I had such a nice relaxing nights sleep on the bottom bunk, which was ridiculously cosy with it's own little curtain, wall lamp and USB port. I still really want to visit again and stay in one of the main rooms (hint hint Matthew) In the morning I woke up to a sleepy ever dedicated Ella working away on her laptop. We of coarse drank more coffee, showered and went out in search for a tasty breakfast.

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