December Bucketlist

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I am a self-confessed Christmas lover and I'm obsessed with all things festive, there's only a short amount of time to cram as much of the fun in as possible. I usually find that I have all these grand plans and ideas and yet time just dissolves, so I thought it necessary to make a list of all the places I would like to go and see, as well as the important bakes and food I want to make... some of which I can already mark off (because yes I am that eager!)

Ice-skating at Hampton Court Palace
Kew Gardens
Somerset House and visit the fortnums and Masons lodge
Brunch at Dalloway Terrace (It looks just like Narnia right now)
Enjoy the Christmas decorations at Claridges, The Ritz, Covent Garden, Carnarby Street
The Nutcracker Ballet
Elf at the Winter Garden for backyard cinema
Winter Wonderland (has to be done doesn't it even though its got far more gimmicky and expensive each year)  Update: definitely the last visit...
Christmas Carols at the Royal Exchange
Mulled wine at the Southbank Christmas market

Make a yule log
Gingerbread men
Mince pies (plenty of these will be made!)
Cinnamon buns
Wreath bunt cake
Candy Cane mint cake

Are there any traditions or things that you really wish to do before the Christmas season is through?

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