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I managed to pop by The Royal Academy of the Arts brilliant Summer exhibition on Friday, just within the last couple of days of viewings... unfortunately the last day of the exhibition was Sunday 16th so I thought I would share some snaps that I took whilst meandering around in an art fueled daze.

I'm not the biggest 'modern' art fan but sometimes it's interesting to see some of the more crazier and different art which can actually be very inspirational, especially form and colour wise.

I've been a lot busier with my illustration and artwork recently, pushing myself and trying to keep busy and getting more of a routing again. I go through lulls with my creativity, where I don't feel good enough, I'm not productive enough yada yada yada and I go through the beating myself up cycle once more. But at the end of the day I work full time, I usually do my freelance work at lunch and on my days off,  I also want a social life where I can spend quality time with my fiance, family and friends when I can. I also gym most days after work. So here's to me declaring to stop being such a bully to myself (which I know Matt will be rejoicing about.)

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Furore Magazine said...

Looks great! I want to visit too!


Furore Magazine