Castle in the sky

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Something you might not know about me (except the copious amount of castle ground images that I post on social media) but I love history, I'm especially fascinated and intrigued by the Tudors and I love to visit places that they lived in or visited. Penshurst Place was a recent discovery of ours, whilst driving around looking for a park to eat our picnic in after Hever had shut. It caught my eye as we walked past with its grandeur and beauty, now the gardens are just breathtaking. They filmed Wolf Hall and scenes from The Other Boleyn Girl there.

Myself and Matt recently became annual members to Hever Castle (nerds) as one of our engagement presents from my parents - it's a place quite special to us and somewhere as a couple we've spent quite a lot of quality time in, rowing boats on the lake, eating ice-cream on the grass with the castle as the back drop and lazing in the afternoon sunshine. One of my favourite Tudor ladies has got to be Anne Boleyn, her ill-fated love affair with Henry and her sudden demise.

My birthday is on Bonfire night and last year the weekend inbetween mine and Matt's birthday we went to Leeds Castle to the Firework Show that they put on each year. Hands down the most impressive display I have ever seen made all the more special with the castle behind the sparkling embers. I still haven't explored the inside of the Castle so that's still on the list. We also recently went to the Luna cinema held here to see Back to the Future, complete with hamper of food and plenty of layers.

Windsor Castle might just be my favourite in terms of looks. The vines, plants and flowers crawling up the walls are what Instagram was made for. The Queen Mary's Doll House exhibition is what every little girl (and some boys) dreams are made of.

One of my all time favourite Palaces will always be Hampton Court, not only because it is where the majorty of the fun and frolics happend with Henry and his wives but mainly because I visited lots as a child. My Grandma lived in Surbiton and we would get the train down and have family days out in Hampton, which is a lovely little town filled with indie shops and pubs lining the river front.
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