I spend my days in a dreamy haze


Had a lovely wake up call this morning... a spider crawling across my duvet. HORROR. Anyways a little update type of post to let you all in some of the goings on happening right now. 

- I started reading The Great Gatsby towards the end of December and it's just got me daydreaming of 1920s America, the society, whiskey sours and cavorting in dance halls. 
- Making and finishing some jewellery orders and commissions.
-Changed my room around again, to give me more room near my desks, as I love to work on the floor, I spread out everywhere, paint, paper... what a mess (hence my heinous 80s carpet, perfect for bedroom/ studio) 
-Vogue, pastel trend definitely one of my favourites.

New illustration over on Made from the Stars of Lena Del Raye. I took my inspiration from Titania in 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' and I like to think of it as Barbie on acid. So glitzy and with the pastel shades, it might induce a cotton candy induced sickness.

Last week I submitted a piece of work to Collate presents Mullitover an exhibition in Brighton and it got accepted so starting from a private viewing tomorrow my 'Many sides of Twiggy' illustration will be part of a weekly exhibition.  

Oh also if you fancy a little read or maybe finding out something about me you didn't know,  heres an Interview I did recently for Chic Buzz blog.

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Charlie Murray, Charlestown Vintage said...

That's amazing that your Many sides of Twiggy piece is going to be shown in an exhibition, congratulations!! I really want to start reading the Great Gatsby in time for the film to come out!!
Love Charlie xoxo.

dinoprincesschar said...

i'm very much liking the pastel shades which are cropping up everywhere of late ;)

Annarack said...

Awesome drawings!!! Loveee the Twiggy illustration, one of my fav's of yours. Keep up the good work.

Catarina said...

wow your drawings are so great! I really love this Twiggy illustration :) x

Anonymous said...

Those illustrations are incredible and beautiful. I prefer to work on the floor too - spread everything out! x


Congrats! Thats so cool, im actually going to this so i'll make sure to keep an eye out for your work!amazzzzeee