Jewellery by Jaymie


I've been working hard on lots of new illustrated and other types of necklaces and just listed them in my shop. I haven't put all of my new items up yet but over the next couple of days they will be filtering through. I really want to design a new header for the shop (this is just an illustration I did a while ago with writing added haha) similar in some ways to my new blog one but I haven't had a brainwave or any ideas yet! If you enjoy Morrisey, The Beatles, Little bottles, Pressed flowers and sparkle then my shop and hand made pieces may just be for you! All items will come gift wrapped, ideal for Christmas...

This is one of my favourite items up on my shop at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - love the header! You are ridiculously talented xx I think that necklace is beautiful <3 x

Temporary:Secretary said...

Really love the new header, and the necklaces are super cute! x

jemmalouise said...

love the new header love. I have a necklace like this and love it, i want to fill it with something new though x