Swear to shake it up


1. Today has been all about going for walks, visiting, photographing and painting up at all saints church, the  sun was shining, only partially but all the same me and my sister wanted to have a play around with her camera and to do some on location drawings/ paintings, watching flies commit suicide in my water pot, random adorable cats, finding conkers and kicking up leaves... it's officially Autumn now right? Theres something quiet calming and creative about being around old buildings and architecture with there integral brick work, window designs. Sitting down with my sketchpad and watercolours made me realise that I need to practice on certain drawing skills, I'm not the greatest at just using watercolour but I want to try with the styles that I don't usually opt for usually. I'm a mixed media girl but I'm going to work on some just experimental bits, so going to do detailed pencil drawings of boring items such as wrappers, cups etc, some just watercolour paintings using nothing but the paints, it doesn't matter if there rubbish...

2. Just been watching the new series of Coach Trip so glad it is back for a new series. Such a geek for Brendan and his bus. I'm now currently just listening to Panic! At The Disco whilst I work on my giveaway details and post to be scheduled tomorrow. I had forgotten how much I love P!ATD  and I feel about 15 listening to them again, I've  come over all nostalgic but they are still so catchy. Hope everyones having a great Bank holiday weekend.

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Rose said...

your drawings of those flowers are beautiful, they remind me of my auntie she is a beautiful drawer and so are you!
makes me wish i could draw a bit better, I've got better definitely since starting my course but still wish i was as good as you!
I LOVE COACH TRIP!!! so good haha

Pip said...

Love your drawings and photos, for some reason I'm drawn to the picture of your watercolours!

Pip x

Safira said...

Some great pictures here. Post looks fab!

And Coach Trip is a guilty pleasure of mine too! shhhh.

hellolyndsey said...

beauuuuuutiful painting so far, I can't wait to see the results! I also love the photographs too :)
I'm hosting a giveaway! Feel free to stop by at anytime and check it out<3
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Kate said...

As soon as I read the title i started singing P!ATD, i used to love them so much! those paintings are beautiful x

co co said...

miss you and your lovley paintings! xo

Jess said...

If you swear to listen!

Aw man, I want to be like 14 again. Whatever happened to emo? Panic lost their ! & everything...

Oh well, looks like a very lovely walk.