Sunday Smile 07

Spending an evening trawling through blogs, catching up on posts and tweeting. Such simple things but so relaxing.

I love watching my hamster whilst he has a proper good wash and makes himself all fluffy.

Either watching from a window or sitting outside at dusk, as the sun goes down and casts pretty colours and a hue of mystique as the day draws to an end.

Shaking what my momma gave me to Beyonce or Katy Perry something officially girly and that you can really dance like nobodies watching too. Cough, single ladies, cough.

Having a Friday or Saturday night takeaway treat with family or friends preferably chinese! 

Seeing a really cute baby have a cheeky smile or hearing it's baby gurgle laughter.

A good catch up up with friends you haven't seen for a while and having a couple of drinks, laughing and chatting.

layered clothing, coats, gloves, scarfs, hats, all that jazz.

Lush snow fairy bubble bath. I adore it's candy floss scent, pink colouring and sparkly glitter hint.

Seeing those red breasted little Robins in my garden at anytime of the year but especially during the latter parts of the year when there presence fills the air with festive joy. 
Sunday Smile 06

All images via tumblr, if any belong to you please let me know so I can credit/ remove. 

I am certainly having a lazy Sunday which is pretty much the only way I think you should spend it. I lazed around in bed, tucked up in my beautiful new quilted blanket that my auntie gave me yesterday which she made and watching Home Alone... something so comforting and familiar about it all. I've napped, caught up with my recorded BBC3 Wilfred, which is hilarious! And sorted through some holiday things. This evening though I will be more productive, sit down with some paints and my sketchpad oh and my to do list.

I have now reached 400 followers and I will be sorting out the giveaway to show my appreciation this week! Thanks everyone who takes the time to read or comment a post, love you all.

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Virginia said...

love the awesome green nailpolish! and the hamster, so cute!

Rose said...

catching up on blogs with tea is one of the best relaxing things to do, I always do it after i get in from college where I've been there from 9-5! ah loves it. I WANT A HAMPSTER i had one called Hector (lol) and i loved him, not allowed one now fuck sake! hahah
I think i am going to come to the Blogger meet up! It would be so lovely if me you and ella went!! as then i would know all you lot and it would be ok not knowing the rest hahah. Just not definite cause well..I'm never definite! but i will :) It'll be lovely!! (so hope ican)

Pip said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Pip x

Paper Heart Girl said...

Cute post! I love everything you have mentioned - so sweet! xxx