Sunday Smile 02

11. Veggie Sushi
Every time I'm up in London orhead through Victoria I just can't resist and usually have to fulfil my vegetarian sushi craving, it is just TOO good. 

12. Gardens
 Sitting in my garden on a sunny afternoon with a good book, music or company and drinking a nice cool drink. Feeling the sunshine on your face and for a short while feeling no worries or troubles.

13. Fresh Sheets
Not a lot better then having a clean fresh bed to get into at night. The smell, the feel. Total bliss.

14. Sunflowers
Sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers there is just something about them that make me smile, it's probably the bright big mass of yellow that represents summer so well. 

15. The beach
 Spending the day at the beach. Eating far to much (mr whippy, chips, mini doughnuts, uh-oh.) Going for walks up the pier, having a cheeky pimms, getting a little sun kissed.

16. Bows
I have a bit of a thing for pretty ribbon and bows. I love tying ribbon in my hair. I have chanel and chloe ribbon which I acquired from work, lots of different colours, patterns, widths... you name it. 

17. Nail Art
 Pretty painted nails in all different colours, patterns and designs. I am known at work for changing my nails and using my nail art pen. 

18. Painting
 I obviously love to draw and paint, but that feeling when I'm so engrossed in a painting that I don't want to stop until it is finished because I am so in the moment with it.

19. Crush
When you start falling for someone or have a new crush. Those new accumulations of feelings and those butterflies you get. 

20. Foster The People
I can't stop listening to Foster The Peoples album. The soundtrack to my summer, Pumped up kicks is definitely the theme tune!


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Glitter Detector said...

This post made me feel so zen I don't know why...
Love the nails! x

zizi bloom said...

nice blog!
Follow me if you like my blog and I'll follow you back. :)

Kate said...

Love all of these! Especially agree with the feeling of falling for someone. Also foster the peoples album is amazing, love it too! x

Kate said...

Beuatiful pictures - I also love all of these, especially sunflowers, spending the day on the beach & vege sushi! x