I want to walk on your wavelength.

What I Wore Illustration.
Not quite sure why the scan of this illustration had fuzzed up slightly, odd. You may recognise this outfit from this post. I Just want to say thank you for the lovely comments yesterday on my blogversary post! You lot are utter babes. I'm so glad you like reading and I hope you continue to do so.

Some dvds have been added to my blog shop for cheapy as I'm currently in the aim of trying to watch all the films I want to so I'm buying them then selling on. I've actually ordered Harry Potter box set as I am a complete HP virgin and have never read nor seen the films, yet know I want to unconventionally jump on the bandwagon just as it's ending! Hopefully doing a car boot sale with my friend Sally on Sunday to get rid of everything I've collected together as need all the money and room I can get right now.

Me and my sister have been looking up possible safaris as it's 2 months today til we go to Kenya, we have a lot to sort out still. I was moaning about how long 2 months seemed but thinking about everything we need to do I'm kind of glad for the time now. We still need to go get our vaccines, which A. I'm not looking forward to and B. Do not want to pay for... but of coarse needs must. We need to find and narrow down the safari options. There's so many different areas to explore and we want to find the best possible with the best chances of seeing everything and also need to get backpacks, safari appropriate clothes, that maxi dress from Miss Selfridge and all the little holibob bits you always need.
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rhiiwn said...

Wow you're so lucky to be going to Kenya, it's somewhere I'd love to go!
As you never seeing HP before, I'm sure you'll love it! It's nothing compared to the books, but I guess that's always the way with films :(

Rhiannon xo

Rose said...

there just so lovely

Rachel said...

Love your illustrations. A lot. :) How exciting! I found that my GP did some of the jabs for free when I went to south america, but I had to pay for yellow fever and rabies I think which weren't cheap :( I love doing a car boot sale, so good for getting rid of stuff though I usually go round the stalls and buy more stuff! xx

HippySal said...


so excited doll xxxx

Jessie said...

I'm loving your illustration!

Jessie xx

cassiepeia said...

I'm currently researching safaris and did a similar post last night moaning about having too much choice. I've read lots about Masai Mara so I know I want to go there but I'm still undecided about how long for and where else to go -x-

Kat said...

Everyone i know is utterly obsessed with Harry Potter.. I'm not a fan at all. I think it's silly and not very realistic.. i'm just a little cynic i guess! :)

I love the skirt, by the way.

Florence said...

great blog

Check out my new post if you have time :)