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The blogs one today! I can't believe it's been a whole year since I've been posting. It all started off as 'All That Glitter's' which soon changed to By Jaymie after a couple of months. It's fairly cringing to look back at some of the older posts... I've fallen in love with blogging again and genuinely like sharing parts of my life with people who are like minded and enjoy what they read, see, gain some inspiration and inspire myself.  I really enjoy seeing all your blogs, comments and emails that are sent my way, It means a lot. Gush over. But I do hope you enjoy visiting my little blog as much as I enjoy writting it.

 My sister who makes amazing cakes made me a quirky 'By Jaymie' birthday type cake and themed little cupcakes, they're so cute. She's recently just started blogging as I told her she really should. So check her out.

I've ordered a new laptop! I'm finally getting a Macbook, yessss. My brother helped me out by ordering it on his credit card, so I have til December to pay it off interest free... which helps a lot! I'm treating it as an investment, I've wanted one for ages and I really want to do bigger and better things with this coming year of blogging and it will be good to have a web cam again to take quick accessible shots. It'll be delivered on Wednesday, so watch this space! If anyone fancys getting a commissions or buying anything like a print, a piece from my shop, please do! I could do with all the extra cash now to pay off the debts! I'll do 10% off any commissions final prices as well.

I've got some good ideas for upcoming posts and want to do an epic give-away when I reach 400 followers, so if you want the give-away to come quicker (insentive here haha) if you could help me out at all by word of mouth, linking me on your own blog or anything else you can think of. I Would really appreciate it and it will also count as an entrance for once the it goes live, just link me to the source. I'm thinking it will consist of some prints of favourite illustrations, a custom 'What You Wore' piece, a Twiggy necklace and a Gem stone ring, plus little favourite bits of mine!

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Rose said...

Happy 1st blog birthday hehe!
My blogs 1st birthday is pretty soon, I think it's in August actually.
I think the prices seem amazing, especially the twiggy necklace

Penny and Lola said...

Happy Blog-Birthday, I looooooooove your blog ! x

Pink Penguin (Elyse) said...

Yay congratulations, you should be really proud! I think your giveaway sounds absolutely epic, I LOVE the idea of getting my hands on some pretty illustrations to decorate our humble abode <3 xxx

Pink Penguin (Elyse) said...

oh and have added you to my blogroll as my over-excited pre-emptive first entry haha x

Rachel said...

Happy blog birthday :) Your giveaway sounds like it's going to be fab! xx

Lolo said...

Happy blog birthday!

The giveaway sounds like it's going to be amazing.


Kate said...

happy blog birthday! i'm jealous of the mac! i really want one! x

Emma Harold said...

A very Happy 1st blogger Birthday :D

I am a huge fan of your blog :D



Jaymie said...

Thank-you guys!
aaaw and it's a huge fan of you!

cassiepeia said...

happy blog birthday! eeek hurry up new followers, that giveaway sounds amazing- and the cake your sister made looks yum -x-

megcasson said...

Your blogs birthday is on the same day as my blogs birthday!
Although you have done a much greater job then myself.
Happy birthday to your blog, it is wonderful.


Sweet. said...

congrats on your 1st birthday blog :)
woo hoooo :D such a wonderful blog you have :) keep up the good work and amazing pictures :D


Sweet. said...

your illustration of yourself looks great :)
i'm so jealous >.< I want a macbook aswell !