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Oversize charcoal coloured sparkly cardigan - Charity Shop
Ditzy floral print dungaree playsuit - Primark
Satchel bag - Topshop
Black bow slingbacks - Topshop
Earphones - David & Goliath
Skull cameo necklace - Regal Rose
NY subway token - Girl Props and DIY
Turquoise & Armour cage ring - JWLRY
Hand drawn tribal pattern ring - By Jaymie (on my etsy shop)
Little hearts ring - Pastimes
Nails - Lilac Dream Models Own

This is actually my outfit from Saturday. I never really take photos just because they seem to take such a long time and I get all awkward in front of the camera when someone else is taking the pictures, as can be seen here my face also looks so messed up in these photos. I never know what to do with it, lame. But I was thinking of starting incorporating some occasionally on here. What do you think? They aren't going to be great quality photos because I find it easier to use my phone then keep whacking my camera out. Thought who knows if I get a Digital SLR in the future, watch this space. The first photo and the close up of my necklaces are using the vignette toy camera setting, which I currently have a bit a thing for let's call it an obsession. I also used my crimpers for the first time in ages and went a bit frazzle happy on a few sections. I'm not going to lie, I love crimping it gives that dirty, messy, care free, boho vibe that I am all about so easily. 

My wisdom tooth is still really hurting, I need a dentist appointment. Most people I've spoke to about it have said that they have had theirs out, that scares me a bit! I spent most of last night in a coughing fit but I did have a bit of a sleep breakthrough I woke up once a 3.30 which is a whole hour later then I have been recently and I actually managed to get back to sleep. Annoying that I still felt groggy when I woke up at 8.50 this morning. I do feel quite awake and more chipper now thought. Does anyone else have trouble with sleep? I'm looking out for tips and tricks. If anyone has any to share that would be great. I'm not into trying sleeping pills just because heard so much negative responses about them. I tried a cup of Horlicks on Saturday night which did make me feel quite sleepy but the only thing was I didn't want to drink to much of it incase it I would make me want to wee loads and I'd be right at square one again. I've also read that bananas may help to promote a good nights sleep because of the serotonin level which acts as a brain relaxant. I find it amazing that one of these most basic primal necestities to live and yet a lot of the worlds population has trouble with it, you can oversleep which makes you feel groggy and lethargic, undersleep which makes you feel drunk and un-cordinated, insomnia, night terrors. Hm, seriosly not cool.

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Katie Styles said...

love this outfit. very jealous of your hair and jewels! xx

Jaymie said...

thanks love. wish I had your hair length though taking soooo long to grow which is typical it gets up to a certain point where it grows fast then just decides to stop.

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit post! Although it's making me miss my ombre hair like crazy... Having teeth out really isn't a problem. When I had braces, I had to have five out, and it's not painful at all. Just an excuse to eat loads of ice cream x

Jaymie said...

aaw sweet as soon as it grows ombre that badboy haha.
yes sorbet and icecream mmm!
I can't stop running my tongue over my tooth which is sooo annoying and tedious.

Zoe said...

I really like the outfit post :) do more. I don't know why, but I love seeing what over people wear lol. As for sleeping, I think generally being a calmer person helps, I do yoga and if I can't sleep I try to meditate (lying down) try to clear my mind and focus on my breathing and being calm, sometimes it can take a long time but it does always eventually work xx

Whimsically Random said...

Aw this is so cute, i LOVE your hair, serious boho vibes goin' on!! I didnt know you had an etsy shop shall have to check that out ;)

Also I havent slep properly in I dont know how long, I tend to then get into deep sleep when its time to get up..not good!! Hence crabby snappy avril all day, joy :P xx

Jaymie said...

Thanks for the tips Zoe I really want to try yoga and meditation.

yeaaah love surfy, boho, grunge basically dirt hair haha, got a post coming tomorrow about all that summer vibing stuff with lots of inspirational pieces eee.
Thanks hun, the ring will be up later today when have a re-stock and stuff.

B the mermaid said...

you have blonde ends like me (i seriously just dyed mine!)!!