Just checking in with a quick blog post! We got back early yesterday morning and I managed to stay awake til about 5 in the evening, Mainly keeping myself occupied with un-packing, watching coach trip, glee and marchlands. I thought I may have fought the 'lag as went to bed last night at about 12ish and woke up this morning at 10 but I am feeling super drowsy, queasy and down now because of how much I'm missing NYC, living with my bestie and being let loose in the city and having so much fun. We had such an amazing holiday and really did not want to come back. The only sucky thing was I lost my phone whilst I was there but I've contacted T-Mobile and I am now making my insurance claim so I'm just really keeping my fingers crossed! Expect a plethora of today illustrations from each day of our trip so if you want to know what we got up to, what I wore, ate, saw then keep checking back.

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Morellocherry said...

welcome back lady!!
so jealous you went but so glad you had a great time and that we're going to be able to see what you got up to!!

I know all to well about yearning NYC. I've wanted to live there ever since i was 7!!! I've still never been, im starting to get too s ared to go in case i will have that feeling i will never want to leave!!

ahh well!

Kimbirdy said...

welcome home and i hope you can find some time to recover from your jet lag and the sadness of ending a great trip. coming home is always so bittersweet. i can't wait to see photos!

Zoe said...

Did you have fun? I am so excited to go myself now!! Any tips of fabby places to go?xx