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Happy March 1st (even though I'm writing this on the 23rd.. the sentiments there though!) Soon it will be time for Ice-cream cones, going to the beach, picnics with baskets and blankets, reading in the garden, flowers popping up everywhere, leaves returning to trees and the sun actually making a couple of appearances in tropical ole England.

I'm reflecting on the month that's passed (ahem) and I'm so glad I've started getting back into blogging more and working a lot more on it then I had been doing for a while, I really do hope my brother manages to fix my laptop sitch with the whole not letting me blog thing but I've been using my sisters laptop effectively and to my advantage. This is definitely something I want to continue and use along side my work because I do really enjoy doing it, all. I also haven't been quite as ill as I was in January which is always a bonus! Plus right now as you read this I will be in NYC (even though I haven't left yet haha I'm making this far more confusing then need be) So all in all February you have been a babe.In March I really want to work on my Etsy and crafty projects and think of 'By Jaymie' as a brand, this will involve a lot of research and possibly help from you lovely lot. I also really want to start working on some illustrations for a children's book I want to write I have a few ideas and I just really want to give it a go it's always nice to have seperate little projects.

Hello new followers! It's nice to meet you, come say hiiiii :)


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Rachelous said...

Lovely collection of images.. It's so grey and cold here though (london) I can't even begin to imagine hazy sunny days... hope you're having a delightful time in new York, lucky thing! xx

Paper Heart Girl said...

Ah, your February sounds nice and you seem to have lots of great things planned for March! Lovely photos! Happy Tuesday!xxxx

Scientific Housewife said...

Sounds great!

mj said...

I would love to read a childrens book especially illustrated by you.

Whimsically Random said...

Hi!! *waves*

I love the collection of images you chose very vintage looking. Well you sound busy so far,which is always good. Enjoy Nyc what an amazing place!!!


Anonymous said...

ahh cute pictures, your getting me all excited for summer i can't wait! i'm looking forward to this etsy project sounds lovely, i love illustrations. p.s i've got a new post up xxxx

Kimbirdy said...

NYC?! how fun! i hope you're having an amazing trip right now. and i can't wait to see what march (and the rest of spring) has in store for you and all your plans.

ellieand said...

It's so great that you've got loads of little projects in the pipeline, your brand should definitely become a reality!