The brief appearance of some sunshine has got me thinking of all things summery. I went out today wearing my cat eye sunglasses and my thin trench coat, the first time since Autumn. I must admit I did get cold though, but I am like an old little lady and really do 'feel' the cold! I've spent the afternoon sorting out my room, changing it around a bit. I need more space to do my illustrating and have more of a designated area for all my little ventures so I'm still in the process of that which means lots of crap is everywhere right now.

I found some amazing tops like I mentioned wanting yesterday on
Rokit after my sister searched 'native American fringe tshirts' to be specific. I love this maui one and this wolf one. I did actually manage to find a rad vintage one on Ebay in the end from America which ended up being £10 cheaper then the ones from Rokit. Even so I still want one... I'll probably wait at least until my one from Ebay arrives, I may go to the Brick Lane market on Saturday and who knows, I may find a gem there.

Tonight I'll be penning a letter to my old university about a horrible student finance situation where they're demanding money because of a mistake they had made, stress :( Other that that I'll be drinking tea, drawing an illustration for Vicky, watching Kurt the hamster in his new exercise ball, oh and Glee of coarse! Such an exciting life... Give me some summer fun now please.

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Paper Heart Girl said...

Ahhh, the tees in Rokit are fab! Lovely, lovely. I will have to check out Brick Lane market this Sunday.. my friends have just moved into a house on Shoreditch highdtreet.. so it will be a real east-London filled weekend! xxxx

mj said...

I can't wait for summer either. Sorry about your university situation. I hope that gets sorted out.