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I have a phone again! 2 weeks without tweeting, texting and generally feeling a little lost without one. fonesafe who insure my phone delivered me a replacement yesterday so I had to go to t-mobile to sort out the sim situation but I am now back in business. I didn't end up going to see any kittens yesterday because of having to go into town for my sim card.

Whilst in town I made a little pit stop in Topshop and ended up buying these shorts from Topshop they look even nicer irl and sit high waisted. I know I'm going to be living in this summer and whilst were not quite there yet I'll be teaming with the regular opaques. I'm digging the whole Vada influence from My Girl I use to want to be her when I was little. The summer I'm going to be all about shorts, denim, white, tropical prints, fruit, inspiration from what I use to wear as a child basically... I'm really after one of those tops that I had as a child, they're like a cropped top vest with fringed bottom and usually had some kind of hawaiin tropical print on them, hm. Hope you understand what I mean because that is the best that I can describe them really, I may have to had a dig around some old family photos to see if I can find a photo and try and recreate the top myself because it is proving very difficult to find on Ebay!

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bee. said...

I love this :) N'aww, must be horrid to leave NYC. I know I didn't want to when I left!! I've seen a few fringed tops :/ I can't remember where. Maybe Topshop?! Hmmm.