above the clouds


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It's nice and sunny again, I adore a clear blue sky. It was a little grey and overcast when I woke up this morning but so glad the sun has decided to come out and play. I may have to take a book outside and read in the garden for the first time this year!

I recieved in the post this morning in my opinion probably the best book ever! Mad Men: The Illustrated World full of exquiste illustrations of the characters, 1960s new york facts, glamour and cocktail recipes, I shall be pouring over this more later when I get the chance. I also forgot I ordered a double finger cross ring from Ebay so that was a nice little suprise when I opened it. As you can see my growing obsession with rings continues.

I really want to go to the Titanic Exhibition at the 02 I find all the history about it fascinating, the amount of artefacts that remained intact from the wreckage is fascinating. There's a few exhibitions that I want to see there's a graphic art one at Somerset House that only runs til this Sunday and I want to pay a visit to the V&A because I haven't in ages and I love that place. But alas I am skint til I next get paid which is actually this week but even then I have expenditures that will be coming out, me and my sister want to do something special for our Mum this Mothers day so were planning on taking her away for the weekend and doing a spa day which will be lovely but will also cost a pretty penny, also I have to pay some of the Kenya holiday balance off and I need to start buying some summer essentials I really need some new sandals, bikini and denim cut offs. Money sucks, well atleast the lack of money does! Have you guys got any special plans for your Mums?


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Sophie Isobel said...

Haha, the apple ipod is literally the best thing I've seen for yonks!
Haven't got anything planned for the mother as of yet, but I know a trip to Lush is required!

Jaymie said...

haha I know right! Oh I love lush, good call :) x