Out of this world

I am so obsessed with Wah nails, Minx, Nail Art and a cornucopia of colour has got me all excited.

I love those photographs that are taken in outer space of the galaxy and milky way. The colour bursts and glimmering stars and metallic ripples are so engaging to look at and really engulf my eyes in some serious eye candy as do this gorgeous nail art, Then second image is from this website but the other two are from this girls blog who is superb at doing nail art and did these herself and for the life of me I cannot find it now and really want to be able to link back and credit her plus share her talent so if you know the blog please leave me a comment but I'm going to continue my search for it now hopefully it's hidden somewhere in my history or favourites!

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Anonymous said...

Love these. I still need to get round to trying them x

Courtney K. said...

Words can not properly express my undying love for this. I am simply obsessed with stars and galaxies. I can't seem to take my eyes off the night sky, and I actually listened during my astronomy class. I am going to have to get my nails done like this somehow, though it looks challenging. Xoxox.

chloe.anne said...

Omg, I want my nails done like this so bad!

Maddie M. said...

These are beautiful! LOVE.