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Illustration for NothingBadMag of Alex Winston.
Colour, Pattern and Shape galore see the article and mini interview on the NothingBadMag website.

You'll never guess what but I've been struck yet again with another winter virus and was bed stricken all over monday and was actually in agony mainly because of my head thumping, If I moved it felt like my eyes wanted to pop out of my head. My skin, muscles everything really was sore and ached. I really hope everyones managed to escape feeling shit! I know from lots of people it's been going around in circles and keeps returning, not keen!

On a more positive note I have enjoyed free pizza at work during stock take, finished all the illustrations for the book, been paid, started making shrinkie necklaces, bought lots of new little bits and bobs (naughty.)

Went to see Black Swan tonight which is amazingly breathtaking viewing, Natalie Portman (girl crush!) is visually beautiful as the elegant ballerina Nina which rise to all she wants to be, has the biggest fall of all and only herself is in her way. There are quite a few twisted, scary, surprisingly funny moments and some risque scenes but it all adds to the suspense and intruiging confusing nature of the film, go see it!

I am armed with anti-bacterial hand wash, lozengers, water and abundance of tissues, Night!

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Morellocherry said...

oh no! i hope you start feeling loads better.
ive recently been reallyunwell too,been sick, muscles achy and skin hurts to touch...thankfully i'm better now,b ut i know how it feels...GET BETTER!