Hocus Pocus


Oh you witch.

As if it's October...!

I am feeling particularly autumnal and halloweeny (yeah it's a word now) especially after just being in Costco for the first ever time (weirdest place ever) and the sheer amount of Haribo tubs and lollies plus huge pumpkins really added to this, I want to watch Hocus Pocus, The Witches and The Nightmare Before Christmas whilst eating toffee apples and candy floss.

I have been dead busy all day, but I really wanted to post because I am so over-whelmed by everyone who has commented and emailed over the love illustrated series you are all too sweet and I really do appreciate it. I have just finished and sent my first commission from doing this series and she loved it, so that made me very happy. I'll wait for her to mention/post about it because she said she was planning on it, so until then I'll keep hushed.

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen that I have printed a couple of things for my Etsy shop because I actually have some new ink for my printer and bought some good quality card yesterday. So thought before I find a printers to get all my prints done I would do a few for myself. Here is a link to my very first item up on Etsy it's a print of an illustration entitled Ice Queen I still have to make my shop pretty because that's how I roll but I just really wanted to get something up on there finally.

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Roxy Te said...

I love Hocus Pocus! I'm feeling very Halloween-y as well...I can't stop thinking about what I can make with pumpkin!! Congrats on the success of the Love Illustrated series! Doesn't it feel great to be acknowledged?!

Jaymie said...

It does indeed feel lovely :)!
ah yes last year me and my flat mates at uni all carved pumpkins for our halloween party it was ace but they went all putrid not so nice haha i want to make halloween biscuits! little pumpkins, black cats and spiders!

Rose Davidson-Leech said...

I wish i could draw like that, your amazing!

Jaymie said...

aw thankyou sweetie, i made her a little cross eyed haha but I reckoned she's a witch on all hallows eve so she's a little high on all that sugar!

Amber Blue Bird said...

Great illustration as usual. I am also getting into the Halloween mood...I am actually going to Salem, MA this weekend. :)

Dina's Days said...

First of all, your header is fantastic. I am loving this time of year so much. I actually find myself wanting to be outdoors more when fall comes around. And I want to buy everything halloween or autumn inspired in sight!

Oh, My Darling said...

So excited to check out your etsy!!!!