Roald Dahl


September 13th
Official Roald Dahl Day.

I know of a lot of people whose childhood and growing up coincided with reading Roald Dahl books. I remember my brother and sister reading them, their books scattered around the house and I would be compelled by Quentin Blakes fabulous concoctions of illustrations accompanying the words. When I gained my fully functioned reading skills ,the very first book of his I read was The BFG which became a firm favourite I also loved watching the cartoon film version of it, The Big Friendly Giant being voiced by David Jason aka Del Boy! Along with The BFG I also love The Witches and Fantastic Mr Fox. I will always remember this book my sister had I think it was Revolting Rhymes and there was one in particular where Quentin had illustrated a little boy looking out of train window and his head had come off and the rhyme had something to do with never sticking your head out of a moving train because you never know what's coming. It use to stick in my head as a kid and I have all these other intermingled memories that have formed with it such as summer, being at my grandmas house and visiting the duck pond. I found it kind of morbidly fascinating, it's grim but funny at the same time.

What's your favourite Dahl book?

Trailer for the most recent adaptation and one of my favourites, Fantastic Mr Fox!
I am still blown away by the animation, puppetry, the general look of the whole film and the way they all say 'cuss' instead of swearing, genius.
Plus I'm a bit of a Wes Anderson!


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b. said...

i love all of dahl's books, they are just really special :) my mum read all of them to me when i was a child. plus quentin blake's illustrations are so wonderful :)


Elly said...

I love dahl, especially matilda, its my all time favourite book. Thanks for commenting on my blog! yours looks really interesting, will definatley be following :)

Kirstin said...

This just made my day. I forgot how much I loved these books!