The Sketchbook Project

So last night whilst reading some Blogs and researching, by chance I came across a post about The Sketchbook Project I was immediately intrigued and looked further into it.I just had to sign up! It took me sooo long to decide what theme to choose for my sketchbook. Basically once you've signed up and paid you get sent the sketchbook of your choice, you then fill it and send it back it then goes on a tour of America after the tour has finished it is put into a permanent collection in the Brooklyn Art Library!
Each sketchbook also comes with a unique barcode so when someone looks or checks out your sketchbook you get notified, exciiiiting.
You can also opt to get your sketchbook digitalized which I decided to do because atleast that way I will always have a record of it and can show everyone once it gets added to the website.It sounds like a really amazing and exciting project to be a part of. People from all over the world are taking part, I can't wait to recieve the sketchbook and get started now! I will definitely be posting pages from the sketch book. Read more about the project here at The Sketchbook Project.

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head over heels said...

wow this sounds great, i might have to sign up!
what theme did you decide on in the end? x

Jaymie said...

oh you definitely should!
i ended up going with night time stories, i wasn't sure whether to go for revenge or the view from up here.
what theme do you think you would do?

Catherine said...

This is a gread idea! I wish I was more artistic because I would for sure do this! Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes!!

Jaymie said...

I am so physched I came across it.
yeah I will definitely post pages from it to hsare with you all!
Now the sketch book just has to arrive so I can start it :):):)