Humble Abode


This was inspired by a post on the Cellardoor Blog about pretty bedrooms.
Bedrooms really intrigue me, I love seeing other peoples rooms and getting ideas plus if they've done it to a certain taste you get to see part of their personality through it.This is my favourite part of my room, It is my collaged wall that is right by my bed. It is totally an extension of me, Full of pictures of my favourite things, photographs, cinema stubs, letters, objects and full of memories, I love looking at it!
What's your room like does it express something about you or is it just somewhere you lay your head at night?

Also in News of the World of make up, Yesterday I went into Boots and they have finally started selling Models Own after hearing about it on LLYMLRS Blog I checked out their website and craved to try it out. Because it's new to the store it was buy any 2 products for £8. I instantly fell in love with their pretty nail polish colours! I ended up buying a 'Golden Peach' nail polish which I can recommend it dries very quickly and layers up perfectly to add more of a pigmented look, its a warm peach tone which has a lovely golden sheen and glisten to it (I tried to take a picture to show you exactly but the pictures looked nothing like how it does on my nails, fail!). I also got a powder eyeshadow pot in Mocha, I don't really experiment too much with my eye makeup, I stick to what I like and that is liquid eyeliner flicks, when i use a colour base it's a neutral tone like brown, beige or a golden tone because I have blue eyes these are the colours that make my eyes pop. The Models Own powder eyeshadow pots are kind of similar to the Barry M Dazzle dusts but I would say more natural and refined. Even though it has a slight sheen and sparkle to it this will probably become my staple eye base look now, it makes my eyes look even bluer and as if my eyelid has a nice slick of highlighter on it as well. Also the packaging is really attractive, simple but chic.
 Their website is fun to have a look around with features on celebrity looks, trends and a list of their products.

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Alyse said...

You do have a pretty bedroom.

I don't make lists, per say. But I do write down things I need to do the next day everynight in my planner!

Alyse said...

Your blog is pretty. I think I'll follow.

Teenie weenie said...

ohh!! thank you very much :)

I expect to be able to do also the posts in English! and of course I love Zooey deschanel too!!! hahaha

I'll follow you :) xoxo

Jaymie said...

Alyse- i love making lists, but hardly ever adhere to them, i just like making them haha.

Teenie weenie- No problems, i am now following yours :) it's very cute.
I may actually go and indulge my joseph gordon levitt and zooey love and watch 500 days of summer.

katie said...

ohh fun wall!! im moving at the end of the month, and im planning a cluster of art work and pictures on one of my walls in my new room.

head over heels said...

jaymie your room looks adorable!

i love seeing photos of peoples rooms too, mines pretty plain right now as its quite recently been redone so doesn't have any photos or personality :( x

Jaymie said...

i find rooms exciting to look at!
Hopefully on the Cellardoor next issue they may post lots of the different peoples room pictures, that will be some serious eye candy haha.
aaw i'm sure you'll put some of your personality and jazz that room right up soon.

Cellardoor Magazine said...

We're so glad we inspired you! We love a good snoop, and yours looks so cute x