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My sketchbook project package came in the post today! I'm dead excited to get a start on it now. I always feel a bit anxious when I start a new sketchbook especially when it's on a paticular subject and not just a general draw anything type one. I'm going to be getting my ever so dubious start on it this weekend.
This evening I'm having a massive magazine binge, not only did I buy one, two, no, three, yes! Three magazines, I was also eyeing up InStyle because of the free bodyshop Lip and Cheek stain but I was already spending a small fortune on publications and I didn't want to take the risk of further breaking my back with a fourth mag, save that for another day. Its absoloutely lashing it down outside and I am knackered, not feeling all that well so theres nothing better then a healthy dose of Big Brother, blogs, magazine trawling and hot chocolate! Ooh and I have already spotted some right little gems in Company magazine...

photograghed these from the magazine so that's why there a bit shods!

1. Fur trim clog boots £55, Next 
2.Cream chunky knit cardigan £70, Next 
3.Wool cape coat £70, ASOS
4. Cream snood £18 Newlook

The last picture is a dress I have fallen in love with, the 'craft mistress of stitch' is wearing it in the back of the magazine but it doesn't mention the dress at all :( I want that dress in my life.

I never really think to go into Next when i'm out shopping but those clog boots, dribbbble. They're £55 but if they were from Topshop they would probably be double that and I can imagine myself living in them if I owned them.What do you think of them? Not keen on the clog look or are you a bit of a fan?
 I love the cardigan but apparently its £70! Say whaaaat?! I'm hoping it's a typo!

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rachel! said...

ohh, that's so exciting. what are you focusing on with your sketchbook? and have fun with your magazines! ahh

maggeygrace said...

I love sketchbooks! I'm excited to see your drawings :) I hope you post them! Topshop is so freaking expensive. *sulk*

Thanks for the comment!

Fifth Sparrow said...

Your blog is adorable, you're such a talented artist!

And I usually allow myself to splurge on the September issues.... they are BY FAR the best of the year, so indulge! xx

Jaymie said...

I chose the subject of nighttime stories for my sketchbook so i'm feeling all those childlike stories your parents would read to you, illustrations, dreams, thoughts and imaginations lots of fluid dreamy illustrations and words. hmm i want to decorate the cover but i'm not sure how to yet!
yeah i will post extracts :):):)
thanks guys.
oh yes septemeber issues are phenom.

Milly. said...

Aww I'm interning at Company magazine at the moment! x