These are all seperate illustrations that I photographed together. I was inspired by abigail who commented on my Sunday post where I featured the first page of my sketchbook project. She mentioned about doing it as a giveaway, obv I wouldn't be able to though as it's for the project but it did get me thinking, so I thought I would do a series of the same style of drawing just in different colours, patterns, themes etc. I'm not doing them as a give away but who knows I may do one for the winner of my giveaway that I am holding at the moment, as one of the gifts are a drawing done by me. These are the three I managed to do today and they took quite a considerable amount of time! The first illustration I wanted to convey a toned down psychedelic 70s vibe. When I first painted the background for the second one I was going for an autumnal appearance but I find it reminds me of an Egyptian pharaoh so I'm going to pretend that infact that was what I was going for aha, the 3rd I saw the advert for Clash Of The Titans dvd on amazon and when I saw that in cinema one night when we all couldn't decide what to go and see I actually really enjoyed it which I didn't expect to but anyways I took the inspiration from the Medusa head, and the rather hot Sam Worthington holding it on the cover well what can I say it just sparked my imagination!
I think that maybe they would look quite interesting as postcards or something? I love drawing them though, anything involving watercolour, ohp paper and marker pens oh and a sprinkling of glitter i'm pretty much a fan of.

I have added another little something to my giveaway This LOVE necklace! This was made by the jewelry students at my university. I found it in my memory box earlier, I've never worn it I literaly must have put it in there and forgotten about it. I saw it and thought of my readers, because I don't really wear all that many necklaces any more I just stick to the same one or two, yet I still have so many!

I really need to get some work typed up tonight and I have some other contributions for blogs and zines coming up to so that's all pretty exciting, so plenty more illustrations and writting to come!

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

those are great!

rachel! said...

re: your journal of nighttime stories, that sounds fun! i can't wait to see what you come up with. and i love these drawings you did, the detail is so good. lovelyyy

erin :) said...

Oh! I can't wait to see your upcoming illustrations! And that necklace is "love"ly. :D

-Erin :)

Shaurie said...

I found your blog in my group on IFB and I think its stunning :) I am following I hope you follow my blog.

Daiane said...

oh, those would look good as postcards, yes! but i see them rather as illustration for a story. maybe a fantasy one?


Dylana Suarez said...

Amazing illustration!

Wendy said...

Beautiful illustrations!
You are so talented :)


Jaymie said...

Thankyou guys :):):)
all your comments make me smile!
oooh that could be a fun idea, illustrations for a book i spot a collaboration opp here! haha, any aspiring writters out there, i don't think i could write a book even if i tried!
Hope your all having a lovely day!
Jaymie x

Doremy Diatta said...

great post, and fun illustrations as always

come by soon,
The Ballon Rouge

3ate4 said...

Love the combination of all the colours!

3ate4 said...

Love the combination of all the colours!

Rebecca's Vintage Romance said...

Beautiful illustrations!
The necklace is very cute too.

Thank you for your comment.

Rebecca -