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Time to start peacocking!

This ring is very much on my radar it's from DollyBowBow, I love the tear drop shape and the colouring is just perfection, cream, emerald green, gold and electric blue, yes yes yes so keen! An absoloutly gorgeous little ring for £5.99 Dolly Bow-Bow has free uk shipping aswell, hooorah I love my free p&p! They have lots of cute and quirky little pieces. Some particular favourites of mine are the peacock ring ofcoarse but I also love the scrabble necklaces and rings (I'm always on the search for places that stock J apparently they're like golddust!) Pineapple necklaceBallet shoes necklace  and  Lets go fly a kite necklace.
Check all jewelry pieces out here!
More items to lust over.

I managed to get my DIY for my TigreZine contribution done today before it started raining because it was definitely an outside job. Heres a sneak peek of the images that inspired it, from a shabby old book I got from a summer fair ages ago called 'The long view from space' I think these pictures are so visually stunning, the black and white really packs a punch. I not only managed to get paint all over myself but also all on my camera, esh! I'll let you in to something it's a bit of a mission trying to do something and photograph the process at the same time, multi-tasking was not my friend! I now just have to type everything up and I am done done.

I paid off my £70 fine from my supposed uni room damages e.g bluetak stains on the wall, patheticcc! So I have been sorting through my wadrobe to find things to sell to make the 70 quid thats gone down the drain seem a little more bearable and I've put some new things up on Ebay if you fancy a little look, There are some vintage dresses and a brand new christopher kane dress up for grabs!

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Nikolett said...

That's such a gorgeous ring! Love the vintage vibe to it :) And that's ridiculous about the fine wow ... I'm not much of an online shopper but I hope you find some way to make the £70 back! Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have a great weekend :)

rachel! said...

ohhh, that ring is BEAUTIFUL. & those scrabble tiles are adorable. nice finds! <3

Louisa said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! its really cute and I relate to sooo many things on it! :) I just wanted to thank you for the comment on my gel eyeliner post! I would love it if you could follow me, I am now following you :) Keep up the good work :) Much love, Louisa xo

Emma said...

if you buy this ring would you mind taking photos of it on your fingers? i know that sounds strange but i have little fingers so i want to see if this would be too much :') cheers!xxx

Emma said...