Cry Baby


My illustration of what I wore today for the flikr group and blog.
Primarks new stock well it's official it is love! bird song, hearts and all that, love.
The dress was all of £9 and I really want to pick up a navy one aswell.
I also whacked out the over the knee socks in the black golden sparkle variety today as the weather was that weird combination of warm cold shivers.

I am spending the evening with my BFF who i feel like i haven't seen in foreverrr!
The night will involve wine, watching cry baby, cooking, trying on clothes and spilling! I hope you all have great Friday nights, sorry for the rubbish post but I'll make up for it, promise!
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Alyse said...

I really want to shop at Primark.

Melissa said...

What a great illustration!

Courtney K. said...

You are so incredibly talented.

Paislea Elyse said...

ooh!@ i love this! it's so perfect!

Daiane said...

i love it! pretty-pretty dress but i am even more in love with the over the knee socks! uh-oh a soft spot of mine... =D

oxxo from

Jaymie said...

Alyse- I wish we could swap some primarks for some forever 21s!

Thanks Melissa :)

Courtney K- Thats very sweet thanks for the lovely compliment :)

Paislea- Thanks my dear.

Daiane- haha me to, i want lots of quirky chunky socks for this winter, these are so sparkly they make me happy!


alexandra said...

Adore the sketch... you have a very unique style and I just love it!!

Just wanted to let you know, I changed my blogs name cus the old name wasnt getting such a great response... heres the new link, hope you follow!

xoxo alexandra

rachel! said...

so cute! i love this. fancy.

Chelsea said...

Lovely illustration :) I wish Australia could have some of those great UK stores, especially Primark as I've heard good things!