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I'm not about to go all 'sound of music' on you because that is definitely not one of my favourite things! But here are some of mine, not only is it a way for you to learn a bit more about me but also you may find something new that you might want to try out for yourself or maybe you can share your experiences on some of your favourites! I don't know if these sort of things intruige you as much as they do me, but i love having a nosey and finding out more about others so do let me know if you are the same!
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1.The Goddess Guide is one of the most beautiful and well thought out books/guides that I have ever read and I just love it. Everything from the patterned velvet cover to the beautifully collaged and illustrated pages. The wonderful style bible by Gisele Scanlon covers everything from traveling to the best underwear and tips and tricks on the perfect eyebrows. A definite must for all lovers of fashion, beauty, travel, food and for those who enjoy lovely illustrations and general pretty-ness.

2. Sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers. They represent what summer is to me or atleast what it should be, A huge warm bright happy sunshine. Tescos had a bunch of them for £2.50 bargaiiin and because they'll soon be out of season and summer '10 is almost over I just had to grab the last visual sign of it, to me!

3. Lipsticks! I'm a girl who loves my lipstick, these are probably my two favourite shades. I  know what you're thinking... Green? wtf. If you're not familiar with the Barry M 'touch of magic' lipstick you will no doubt be wondering, but basically it reacts with the alkali level of your lips, mm alkali... all I know is it creates the perfect colour on my lips sometimes it's a very rich berry colour and others just a hint of red it's a firm favourite of mine and it always creates a talking point or icebreaker, just pull out your green lipstick and watch as the eyes and questions come your way!
The coral shade is by Maybelline in number 420 in coral pop, it is a gorgeous shade really seals the deal when you have that sun-kissed look and throw in some freckles in for good measure, i love love love freckles.

4. This H&M striped box top (£9.99) is one of my most worn items at the moment, one of those fail proof chuck on over a skirt or some shorts type of tops. I hope to get some plain coloured ones because  the shape that it creates is so intresting and flattering with its drooped shoulders and flouncy light weight material.

5. I got this necklace years ago from H&M, remember when long chained necklaces first started gaining popularity? myspace culture and all that, the scene may be over (thankfully) but this necklace has stuck by me and I still get lovely comments about it. I love items like that which just seem to be timeless and you never want to get rid of even though it is only costume jewelry and cost something like £2.99!

6. Valentino Rock 'n' Rose is probably my signature scent, I'm really having to ration it out at the moment because there are only like a few drips left of it, sad face. I'm a big fan of fresh, delicate and fruity scents and I am also keen on DKNY be delicious (the green one!) and Escada perfumes but I currently don't have these in my life.

7. My most used nail polish is my Barry M in pale purple number 308, it is such a lovely lilac colour. If you haven't heard about the Models Own 50% off sale on their website and you love your nail varnishes be sure to check it out. The site kept going down because of the huge amount of traffic that it was experiencing and took me sooo long to process my order, but I am so excited for my impending models own package!

8. One of my favourite novels is 'The Pact' by one of my most read authors Jodi Picoult I love her writing style and with her books I always continue thinking about the characters and what could be happening after I've stopped reading. 'My Story' is one of my ultimate favourite books it is an auto-biographical story by Dave Pelzer it never fails to make me an emotional wreck and cry my eyes out, the ending though is surprisingly uplifting and you will have nothing but admiration and respect for the man.

9. Mmm Innocent smoothies, pineapples, bananas and coconut tastes like a Caribbean holiday in a carton!

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minnja said...

Beautiful blog and I follow you now via google.
It would make me very happy if oyu would follow me, too.



Alison said...

I loove DKNY be delicious (the green one) and any escada perfume too! I actually just did a post on it last week when I was talking about my makeup and perfume. Great photos, great blog, still following (via bloglovin)!


Jaymie said...

Escada scents all really have the same basis but they're so gorge and really fresh and fruity, big love! Yeah green one deffo, the red one really not fond of.
Thanks my dear, coming by your blog now :)!

Melissa said...

Ooh, the Goddess Guide sounds right up my alley -- have to give it a read!

devilishlypleasurable said...

i love reading such posts. . The Goddess Guide looks fab. . have never heard of it so far :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh I love these, very cool!

rachel! said...

ohh, i love your striped box top!

libys11 said...

how interesting is that green lipstick!! :D

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!♥ m i m i said...

That Goddess Guide sounds pretty cool! Where did you buy it?

Green lipstick ftw. I need more colours! I only have about 2 shades: Nectarine, and bright red.

Love the striped H&M top.

And I'd love to exchange links!! Kay I've added you!

Amber Blue Bird said...

Cute post. I love it when bloggers post their favorite things, its fun to learn what everyone likes. Thanks for being my new follower! I am going to follows yours as well! Cheers.