Shock me like an electric eel!


Last night was one of them typical humid, horrific and clammy nights where clothes stick and become part of your skin, to top this off there was a power cut just as i was about to watch That 70's show (Ashton- Hubbbba!) But instead I decided to indulge in a tea cup full of M&Ms, catch up on some reading of Jodi Picoults Nineteen Minutes and to get my pens, pencils and paper out - oh how i love alliteration and get some drawing done. I thought I would take some snaps of some of the drawings I did last night and upload, these are very typical of my style, smudgy, messy and continuous. I also decided today to create a deviantart profile, I remember thinking about getting one like a million years ago and I honestly cannot remember why I didn't in the end, I thought it would be good to dig out some of my old work and upload it at some point. my deviantart!

Last night I not only knocked over a cup of tea once, Oh Ho No.
My second cup then slipped out of my hand.
It was a dark day for my tea drinking abilities and general hand eye coordination.
The clumsy misdemeanor inspired a weird, quick sketchbook page.
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*rachelwears said...

absolutely gorgeous you are sooo talented :)

Jaymie said...

Thankyou so much, very kind of you.

CAROLINE. said...

I love your artwork, it's so whimsical!

Jaymie said...

Aww thankyou caroline :)
i do love whimsical things.

De Wilde said...

Love the looseness of these study's and the tea spill inspired page is great, I am always spilling tea, and quite often on work, i should just paint with the stuff lol

Alexandra. said...

I'm loving these pictures!