In Your Dreams


Uploaded some new pieces on DeviantArt so take a little peek if you fancy.Finally saw the epic of a film that is Inception this evening and it is actually amazing, yeah quite confusing and I wont pretend that I understood it all but still, amazzzzing. There are SO many inspirational images and scenes that are proper jaw dropping so even if you go just for that I would fully recommend.I also did a bit of a Charity shop raid in hopes of creating some inspiration for an article for TigreZine and to pick up some bargains of coarse, But Purleys usually rather decent thrift shops just did not grab me today. disappointed man.

I purchased some John Frieda, Sheer Blonde Go Blonder shampoo today because after ombre'ing my own hair about a year ago it has started to dull and I really want it to lighten it. I used it tonight when I washed my hair and it does appear to have brightened it a little but I will keep you posted on whether it noticeably makes a difference. At the moment I am pretty keen though.

How I dream of my hair reaching this length, not only because I have now decided that i do infact want longer hair but also so my lighter ends become more apparent.
I think the pink looks really cool!
Once my hair has grown to a desirable length I may give this a go but in my case I definitely will not be using permanent pink hair dye. I like it when the pink looks even more faded.
I want to start creating some features so if you have any thoughts or suggestions please comment me with your ideas.

I  think I will begin a Sunday feature soon 'This week in pictures' but i am still teaching myself photoshop skills so yeah I need to get infinitely better at it, so maybe not tomorrow but we will see!
p.s arrrgh literally been messing about with posts and the look of them and has actually taken me suprisngly long really not a fan of the new post editer it so is NOT easier.
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Powercakes said...

wonderful piece of artwork. wish i had that kind of talent, skill, vision, what you will. i saw inception too... GREAT movie...that left me a little dumbfounded.
also- where do you get your cutesy wallpaper? its adorable. :)

Jaymie said...

Hello :)
thankyou so much.
Exactly the same here, like i just basically took it at face value and was like i'm so not going to understand this all... ill wikipedia it later type of deal.

if you go to the design page and then template designer and theres lots of different backgrounds and ways you can design it yourself.
hope that helps :)
Jaymie x

MOLLYKT said...

i really want to dye my hair like that! or ombre it... oh to have long hair :')
OH YOU ARE SO GOOD AT ART, please illustrate tigrezine, Barbara is doing some stuff too so you could maybe collaborate?

Chelsea said...

Ahhh,, I've done some crazy things to my hair but I don't think I cold ever dye just the tips bright colours. It does look amazing though.