Wagon in the woods

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If you follow me on instagram you may recognise this place from our little stay-cation at the beginning of February at this amazing handmade eco wagon in Hampshire. I had so many people message me about where it was and how they could stay there, so I wanted to share a little bit more about our stay in the magical wagon in the woods. 

The wagon is all handmade by the owner and is situated right in middle of woodland, trees, open fields and the odd chicken roaming by. 

Ralph had the hot tub warming up for us on arrival and we couldn't wait to take a dip and pop our bubbles to be the ultimate cliche couple with our glasses of champagne as we cooked ourselves in there. 

We bought extra fire wood with us to keep the hot tub and fire pit lit all evening. As golden hour approached and feeling suitably full on our BBQ dinner of Linda Mcartney sausages and corn on the cobs. We sat under a blanket of stars and watched the fire crackle before stripping off and jumping in to the hot tub.

After enjoying and spending as much time as we could outside and as it began to snow we decided to retreat to the cosiness of our wagon for a relaxing night.

What I loved the most about our stay was just immersing ourselves in a little bubble and feeling so far removed from the hustle and bustle of everything, limiting our digital use (my favourite thing to do as of late) and just enjoying being with each other, reading books and being surrounded by nature. For me the window looking out across the field, the concealed bath tub and the hot tub were the
highlights about this wagon.

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