Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans

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You know those places that leave a last impression, you can't stop thinking about and you instantly want to return to? Well Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans in Ross-on-Wye was just that place for me, probably one of my favourite things I have done in 2016. Picture the scene, a summer(ish) day in June, a wild flower meadow, fields of green as far as the eye can see, this is where four beautiful vintage caravans named Elsie, Gertie, Sybil and Monty reside. Matt and I spent a Monday-Wednesday having the WHOLE site to ourselves, which just made it all the more special and romantic.

Jo the owner greeted us on arrival with her Pug called Pepper, a friendly little snorting bundle of joy. She showed us to our abode which was the delightful Elsie. Decked out in twee curtains, buntings and floral crockery - a 1950s dream.

We were lucky enough for the Monday to be sunny and mostly blue skies so we enjoyed our little campfire by Elsie, cooking up some Linda McCartney sausages, toasting buns, ratatouille. We decided to try some of the locally produced cider (recommend) in the warm sunshine whilst we enjoyed our 'rat-dogs'

After a good few hours to settle in and explore, having made a firm friend in a little 'wild' black cat who we would learn to be the most affectionate and loyal little thing who would stay with us for the two days we were there, Jo came over with some dairy free homemade scones with the most delicious raspberry jam. With a full stomach, a happy heart, the love of my life and a purring machine next to me I decided it would be rude not to indulge myself in a little nap.

In the evening we purchased some more fire wood and Matt went to making a roaring fire in the main camp area near the mess tent, toasting some marshmallows (Holland and Barrett do some great gelatin free ones) sipping on some prosecco and watching as the sun set over the incredible setting, whilst horses canted by in the field opposite, all the warm fuzzy feels.

After a restful nights sleep in a surprisingly really comfortable bed and waking up to sun streaking through the gaps in the curtains windows, hearing the birds singing, we decided it would be nice to cook up breakfast in the mess tent before heading for a little bit of an explore and walk in the woods, managing to get back to camp before the heavens opened. It was really rather lovely being tucked up inside with Matt and our little furry friend whilst the skies darkened and the rain pitter-pattered on the roof of Elsie, drinking tea and cuddling.

Before the storm really started up again in the evening we headed back to the mess tent, bringing over some beers, snacks, music, torches and our cat in tow, warming our chilly bodies by a crackling fire. Finding our way back to our base camp (ok literally only 2 minutes away but it was dark!) by torch light and seeing all the twinkling fairy lights adorning each tree outside the other caravans.

Thanks again to Jo and all the staff at Mad Dogs, who really make the experience that much greater. Leaving you to your own devices to enjoy the camp but being just a text message away incase you have any problems, fancy ordering some fresh local bread or want some more of that delicious cider.

What I loved most about the glamping experience, was being able to really appreciate all the little things, going back to nature, hearing birds chirps, stopping and looking at incredible sunsets, the sounds and smell of camp fires, being with the person I love the most and not wanting or needing for anything else.

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lien said...

I love your van, it's awesome!