unmentionable elegance

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Ballet is something that I never did as a child and as an adult I sorely wish I had, there is something so expressive, elegant and dedicated about the art (also the silk ballet slippers are just too perfect) Seeing Edward Scissorhands ballet directed by Matthew Bourne the absolute genius and Great Gatsby at Sadlers Wells, inspired me even more to try learn some moves for myself.

I knew that a dance school nearby holds terms of Adult Ballet Beginners and Improver classes. I bit the bullet and signed up. I've just finished a 6 week course and although I'm pretty uncoordinated (my legs know what to do, my arms know what to do… but put them together and all hell breaks loose.) I've decided I'm going to sign up in September when the year starts afresh - it's such a good work out and you can really appreciate all the hard work your legs and core have to put in.

Learning something as an adult is pretty daunting and nerve wracking, but that reward you get from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone - plus learning a new skill is such a buzz. If there's something you want to try/ learn or do. Just go for it - you never know where it might lead you or who you might meet along the way.

I really want to start doing Barre Core workouts but at the moment they're only held in Central London and thats a bit of a trek just for a workout class, I'm hoping soon they might head nearby in Croydon LA Fitness perhaps (hint hint!)

Want to try ballet as an adult you might find this reading material and DVD of some help.

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