Oscar, Oh Oscar.

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Red Alert, body hugging and figure flattering beautiful vivid red toned gowns.
I wish on Sunday night that I hadn't been such a tired mess and wanting to sleep a headache because I usually love to watch the E coverage from the Red Carpet from the Oscars. 

Of coarse it isn't all about the dresses (a lot of it is) but being a film nerd I love seeing how some of my favourites from the past year have done in the big awards, So happy to see Wes clean up with The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Two of my favourite dresses from the Red Carpet have got to be the 'can do no wrong' everyones and their mother girl crush (guilty) Emma Stone, her Elie Saab suited her to perfection, the colouring against her skin tone and hair… nailed it! Anna Kendrick looked simply stunning in her coral toned halter, which skim the floor in such an angelic sophisticated way. Who was your favourite? 

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