Oxford state of mind


As much as I love Winter, when Christmas and New Year (and any possible winter based fun) is all done with, I am done with it.  I'm dreaming of some warmth, the possibility of not having a permanently dripping nose and moaning and holding myself so rigid and stiff in my millions of layers that I end up with an aching body. This week has been particularly bitter, yet still no snow my way (wah) maybe a snowfall in Surrey and then it can be Spring… pretty sure thats how mother nature works, right?

As you might have guessed I do not deal with being cold or tired at all well, I become a right little cranky pants (and my boyfriend wouldn't be able to agree more) but moaning aside, I still try my hardest to make the most of whatever comes my way and a day out in Oxford with my favourite person is never a bad thing, holding hands, taking photographs of pretty architecture in the winter sunshine and eating all the sushi for lunch.

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